In Orange, Enums are algebreic data types. They can be given extra values to store.

The most simple enum is just a list of names:

enum Status {

The enum values are functions and can be passed as such. In this case, their type is () -> Status. However, since they aren't storing any values, they do not have to be called like functions to be used. Orange will accept both of the following:

var myStatus: Status = Status.FINISHED
var myStatus: Status = Status.FINISHED()

If we wanted to give Status some values to store:

enum Status {
    ERRORED(Date, string)

var myStatus = Status.PENDING(Date.now)

Since all the components of this version of Status store values, we can't use the parameter-less default version of creating it.

Like tuples, the components can also be named:

enum Status {
    PENDING(since: Date),
    RUNNING(since: Date),
    FINISHED(on: Date),
    ERRORED(on: Date, error: string)

var myStatus = Status.PENDING(Date.now)

// or:
var myStatus = Status.PENDING(since: Date.now)

To be able to decouple and do condition checks on the enums with values, we must use the Switch block.

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