Variables are mutable, bound values to a referenceable name. They can be declared with a type or the type can be infered by the initial assignment:

var myNumber = 5      // type inferred from value
var myNumber: int = 5 // type declared explicitly
var myNumber: int     // type declared explicitly
var myNumber          // ERROR: cannot infer type of myNumber

Default values

When the initial value is omitted from the variable declaration, the default constructor for the type is used. This means that all of these statements are equivalent:

var myNumber: int
var myNumber: int = int()
var myNumber = int()

Constant Variables

A variable can be made immutable and constant by prefixing the declaration with const.

const var myNumber = 5

myNumber = 6 // ERROR: myNumber was declared as a constant.

Unwrapping Tuples

Tuples can be unwrapped to multiple variables by having multiple variable names on the left-hand side of the declaration's assignment.

var a, b = (5i8, 20u)

// alternatively:
var a, b: int8, uint = (5i8, 20u)


_ is a special variable in Orange that can be assigned a value from any type but can never be read from.

_ = 5  // good:  assigning to _
a = _  // error: cannot read from _

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