Exceptions are an extension that allow for delivering an error message that is delivered up the call stack until it is accepted by a block or caught by the standard library.

The delivering of an error is calling throwing, and Orange allows to throw anything up the stack, including integers. (For example, throw 5).

Any block in Orange may wrap code in a try, catch, and finally. Anything wrapping in a try will receive a thrown error and try to match it against one of the catch blocks. If none of them match, it continues up the call stack.

A catch block catches an exception of a specific type. A try/catch with multiple catch blocks might look like this:

try {
    // do something
} catch (e: int) {
    // caught int exception
} catch (e: float) {
    // caught float exception

A finally block can be appended to the try/catch sequence to execute after the try/catch completes. It'll always exceute whether an exception was caught or not.

try {
    // stuff
} catch (e: int) {
    // caught
} finally {
    // cleanup stuff 

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