The standard library provides a set of extensions that can be used.

For Each

foreach is a loop construct that operates on a Enumerable<T> type.

foreach (var object in enumerableObject) {
    // do something with object

Array Ranges

An array range is a custom type that implements Enumerble<T>.

[a .. b] // exclusive range from a to b
[a ... b] // inclusive range from a to b

Type attributes

Type attributes allow for giving types static information that can be queried at runtime.

The full information for this is not yet determined.

String Interpretation

The standard library replaces lexing strings to allow for interpreting expressions inside a string if the expression takes the form of ${expression}.

For example, "3 + 5 is ${3 + 5}" would be equal to the string "3 + 5 is 8".


Suffixes allow a friendlier way to create instances of strict aliases.

strict alias MilesPerHour = uint

suffix mph(num: uint): MilesPerHour(num)

50mph == MilesPerHour(50)

Nullable Types

The standard library defines an extension where adding a ? to any type transforms it into Nullable<Type>. For example, int? is Nullable<int>.

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